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Le Volume Courbe VS Grimm Grimm (Support: Gorgette)



Le Volume Courbe VS Grimm Grimm (Support: Gorgette)

Start 19:30

Marie-Antoinette presents an evening of psychadelic fun’ness featuring the bewitchingly talented Le Volume Courbe + Grimm Grimm with support from local alien enthusiasts and bonafide crooners, Gorgette.

Le Volume Courbe VS Grimm Grimm is an otherworldly concoction of sounds filled with fragile vocals and haphazard guitars, flowing like an enchanting diary of dreams (Forced Exposure) . At Marie-Antoinette, Le Volume Courbe VS Grimm Grimm will be playing each others minimal psychedelic space songs.

Le Volume Courbe

Charlotte Marionneau has been making records as Le Volume Courbe for 20 years. Her music recalls everyone from Vashti Bunyan and Syd Barrett to Broadcast and Stereolab — Cate Le Bon is also very much in LVC’s style — and have featured My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval, members of Primal Scream and more.

Grimm Grimm

London-based singer-songwriter experimentalist Koichi Yamanoha has been operating under the alias of Grimm Grimm since 2013. The project is an outlet for his fragile, haunted, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, uneasy easy listening, futurist lyricism, and electroacoustic oddities with foggy melancholia.
Born in Tokyo, Yamanoha’s first solo record, “Hazy Eyes Maybe”, was released by ATP Recordings in 2015 and tracks from the album were used as soundtrack for the Jim Jarmusch directed documentary film “Uncle Howard”. Yamanoha has released 3 albums on independent labels and collaborated with other artists and producers, including Marta Salogni, Le Volume Courbe, Bo Ningen, Lætitia Sadier, Josephine Foster, Eiko Ishibashi and Klein.


Gorgette is a so called UMP (unidentified musical phenomenon) crafted by Cheeky Chacha since 2019 with the will to blur all his past influences into pop music. He has been playing in bands since the early 2000’s, starting in the punk metal scene in his home town, Reims, France. He moved to Berlin in 2014 where he started to be active as a dance music producer under the name of Tetron, and as a guitar player in Slow Steve and Tendre Biche. The first EP “Avenue du Soleil” was released in 2020 by Fantasy Fiction records. CEO Cosmic Palms described it as a modern French Pop odyssey shimmering in digital synths, dreamy guitars, and lush vocals. The current line-up is Cheeky Chacha (guitar, vocals), Madlen Wittenstein (keyboard, vocals), Dino Gollnick (bass), and Roland SP404 (drums). Beware, some listeners reported having experienced levitation while listening to Gorgette.


Gefördet von:
Note that racism, sexism, xenophobia and aggressive behaviours are an absolute no go.
Please stay respectful to the club’s staff at all times.
Taking care of someone in need during a concert is our collective responsibility: altogether let’s make sure that everyone is having a memorable evening.

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