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Doors 17:00

Presented by Brighter Agency

«Pop X is an ever-revolving swirl of actions whose pivotal point is to keep destroying in order to create.» (Davide Panizza, 2017). Pop X is one of the last very cult act on the Italian scene, with a large and loyal fanbase. Next May he will headline four concerts in as many European capitals. From Paris to Brussels, via London and Berlin, audiences across the Alps, across the Channel and in Central Europe should be prepared for anything, so unpredictable is the Trentino Guru’s musical set.

The artistic journey of Pop X began in 2005 with the collaboration between Davide Panizza and Walter Biondani; over the years the project has constantly changed its appearance, music genres and members, almost as if to make itself unrecognizable, a relentless bearer of innovation.

In 2016 Pop X joined label Bomba Dischi and released “Lesbianitj”, a cult album which marked the beginning of a series of achievements, getting as far as being included in Rolling Stone magazine’s ranking of the 15 best Italian albums of the year.

2018 was the year of “Musica per Noi”, an album that attracted international attention, getting Pop X to open Phoenix show in Paris at La Gâité Lyrique, perform in other European cities such as Lugano, Brussels, and Budapest (Sziget Festival 2019), and to work with artists such as Gabry Ponte, Calcutta, and Iioana.

This album marked a turning point from previous years’ concerts, presenting on stage a show that was more focused on playing music from scratch, recreating ever-changing atmospheres and initiating musical flows that were always new and unexpected for the musicians themselves. 2019 saw the release of “Notihng Hill”, a black music-focused concept launched in a limited edition on cassette and digital stores, written in broken English with an edgy, catchy sound that was also included in New York Spotify playlists such as POLLEN 2020 was marked by the release of “Antille”, a return to the roots for a renewed collaboration with Walter Biondani, who wrote the tracks that were eventually rearranged and finalized by Panizza himself. This album’s shows were interrupted by the pandemic, during which “Enter Sandwich” came to life and was released in 2021.

Finally, Pop X comes back in 2022 to entertain audiences all over Italy and make them dance with a spring live show that was completely sold out in the most important Italian clubs and then with a summer tour treading the stages of the main Italian festivals, recreating a real-life party rich with surprises and top hits produced in their 17-year long career.

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