Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Feb 23
Basement Bash Vol. IX: MIN T (POL) + bands

Basement Bash Vol. IX: MIN T (POL) + bands


Konzert / 5€


DOORS: 20:30

Basement Bash Vol.IX will be an ode to live electro pop music with three amazing live bands, MIN t, Banglist and Magnea, followed by minimal house DJ Colm Mullally

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After hours DJ set by Colm Mullally (IRL)



Known for her one woman show, Martyna Kubicz does everything from producing to writing lyrics. She has opened for Gus Gus and performed at many festivals including Open’er and Reeperbahn. Her 2016 EP entitled “Turn the Lights Down” was a smashing success, leading to the release her debut album, “Assamblage” in late 2017. For lovers of Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy), HVOB and Moloko, MIN t is sure to be your next great love.

Banglist (IS/NO)

Berlin-based trio BANGLIST, made up of Ásdís María (Gluteus Maximus/Gus Gus), Pétur Karl (Askers Dodge) and Per Tore Løberg Monstad (Ritzy Park, Moa McKay), met at BIMM Berlin and quickly bonded over their love of banglists: lists of celebrities they would like to sleep with. Their sound is an exciting mix of current electronic beats, loud rock’and’roll guitar and 60’s soul, all sprinkled with dark, Scandinavian sex appeal. Known for their powerful (and oh-so-sexy) live performances, we absolutely can’t wait for their debut EP, which is set to release in Spring 2018.


Magnea’s music defiantly fits in with the vibe of Icelandic nature. Cold yet almost cinematic just like Icelandic landscapes and waterfalls, Magnea is a riveting new member of new wave alternative pop. With Kate Bush like vocals and edgy production, they fit in effortlessly right between Fka Twigs and Sevdaliza.