Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Sep 30
Bed Rugs (Bel.) + Aemong (Berlin)

Bed Rugs (Bel.) + Aemong (Berlin)



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Doors: 20.00

M:Soundtrack makes a fall field trip over at Marie-Antoinette for a weirdo, no wave and psychedelic indie music happening:

The talented Indie-psych band BED RUGS (B) are coming to Berlin with their new album ‘Hard Fun Grand Design and the local no wave experimental mobile citizens Aemong (Brazil, Taiwan, Berlin) will be opening and leading us down the rabbit hole.


Bed Rugs took a break from performing to work on new material. These were mostly bedroom recordings, fine-tuned on a couple of head trips to a secluded cabin in the Ardennes. The next year they hit Pixel Studio in Athens, GA with kindred spirit and Elephant 6 hero Derek Almstead. His signature sound was elementary at this stage.

A lot of the demo material was polished, sweetened and completed with a wide range of textures. Meanwhile Athens, which is all about music, got under their skin. Feeling really productive, Bed Rugs finished a double album of 26 songs with lots of surprise guest appearances.

Their 4th studio album “Hard Fun Grand Design” is the result!

#sounds like: Amen Dunes, Tame Impala, Palm, Elephant 6, Neutral Milk Hotel….



Aemong / Currently based in Berlin, Aemong is comprised of members Henrique Uba and Yu-Ching Huang; from Brazil and Taiwan respectively. The amalgamation of their shared backgrounds, influences and sonic identities encompass exactly what Diskotopia has been about from day one: the juxtaposition of cultures, sounds and ideas to forge exciting new paths.

Influenced by no wave, noise rock and legendary bands such as Fugazi and Big Black; Aemong had set out to build a denser sound with this album than with what they had done on their previously released material. The tracks comprising 1000 distill elements of new wave, dub, industrial and pop which are then meticulously siphoned into off-kilter compositions with mesmerizing effects. Unabashedly psychedelic, playful yet executed with deadly precision, Aemong have delivered a truly resounding body of work with the 1000 LP. Their

Album opener Slug fizzles to life with sludgy steps lumbering through splashes of feedback before a cyclical distorted bassline props up Yu Ching’s dreamlike vocal. Chinese Tales is perhaps the most literal meeting of minds with both Henrique and Yu Ching offering lyrics in their native tongues set against a dub-refracted backdrop sounding like Mad Professor engineering for Sonic Youth