Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Oct 04
Berlin Blues Explosion '18

Berlin Blues Explosion ’18



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Here we go again! Together we hurl ourselves, face-first, into four days of sleep-deprived, drink-fuelled, dance-delirium. 6am closing times, late start to classes, midnight munchies, performances and all held within Berlin’s seductive bosom.

Teachers with knowledge of the blues so deep they recite Robert Johnson lyrics in their sleep. Technique junkies, movement gurus, move specialists and the nicest of people.

The live music is so powerful your legs will tremble and you’ll howl at the moon. The widest range of Blues styles, rhythms and sounds as four nights of hard-core partying will allow. We preach over 14 hours of live music from Delta to Soul to New Orleans .

We’re not going to tell you how to do yo’ thang… though it has been said that BBE is best enjoyed when you drink-up, throw-down and mess-around.

Enjoy our gift to the world of dance, music and good times,
The BBE Team