Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Oct 05

Berlin Blues Explosion


Public Dance Party

For many years we’ve strived to breathe life into an event possessing something festivals simply cannot buy, a personality. A voice that stands out in a noisy crowd with something special to say. BBE’s personality may be quirky, cocky, over the top and a little bit fabulous but sure we all need friends like that don’t we?

Live music remains our epicentre year after year as we plunge head-first, excited and praying we escape with our sanity into a BBE delirium. We give you tunes that make you want to shake your ass and drink beer, songs for those extra special dances ending in extra long hugs, music that will make you howl to the moon and everything in between.

Over 300 dancers in the most gorgeous arenas you can imagine moving and grooving in. Sling a snazzy lookin’ dance partner around your arm, enjoy the unbeatable atmosphere and let Berlin Blues Explosion wash over you.

Drink-up, throw-down and mess-around!