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Oct 25
Girl on Catfish + members of Elmer Kussiac

Girl on Catfish + members of Elmer Kussiac


Konzert / 7€

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Doors: 20.00

Berlin, Orléans, Regensburg
The avant-garde composer and pianist singer-songwriter Stepha Schweiger, the renowned jazz and studio drummer Mäx Huber, the musician, producer and world citizen Pepe Pöschl, as well as the “enfant terrible“ of Upper Palatinate Mani Schimchen comprise the band “Girl on Catfish”. They came together in October 2013 for a session in Regensburg and formed the band that has continued to the present day.
In March 2018 “Girl on Catfish” recorded their first studio album which they currently produce: Their psychedelic sound with its consistently melodious intuitive feel moves in its own unique style within the new wave of the 1980s, just as it does within krautrock, free jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde and punk. When these four musicians are performing onstage, it can easily happen that a lyrical song in the “Girl on Catfish” style evolves into an idiosyncratic sound storm, before ebbing away to become a calming sea breeze.
In 2017/18, the premieres of Stepha Schweiger’s opera “The Mark on the Wall” were celebrated to much acclaim in London, Berlin and Ulm. The Baby You Know bassist Pepe Pöschl is a regular face on the international circuit performing as a tour musician. He has played together with Robert Forster, Walter Salas Humara (Silos), Lorette Velvette and many more top names. Mäx Huber is also an extensively booked tour drummer (Walter Salas Humara and many more). Mani Schimchen is a “music maniac” and sound engineer. The three displayed their improvisational skills in Munich as backing band to the legendary Kim Fowley (RIP) on his final European tour.

Stepha Schweiger – keyboards, electronics, vocals
Mani Schimchen – guitar, noise, vocals
Pepe Pöschl – bass
Maex Huber – drums, percussion

Elmer Kussiac has been opening ears and splitting minds around Berlin, Germany and the rest of Europe since 2015. After countless live performances, tours and collaborations, the band is releasing
its first full-length LP. It presents an overview of the band’s sound and history, from spacious, floating guitar drones and subtle melodic gestures to guttural shrieking and rattling walls of bass.

The varied musical background of the band, which includes classical music, punk and free improvisation, to name a few, comes together to take the listener on a wild ride through abstract sound
worlds, explosive noise rock and hypnotic waves of melting overtones.

Amélie Legrand – cello, voice, electronics
Adam Goodwin – double bass
Tatsumi Ryusui – guitar, electronics