Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Mar 24
I think a banana's too large

I think a banana’s too large


Theater performance hosted by dBs Film Berlin

Our Screen Acting students would love to invite you to come watch and have a night of fun with us!

During the last semester they’ve been working on their theatre performance skills. Join them as they present a night of 2 classic shows.

// The Case Of The Crushed Petunias
A play by Tennessee Williams telling the story of the young Georgia born and raised Dorothy Simple, who one morning finds her favourite flowers, Petunias, crushed outside of her little shop. This takes her on a journey of events, through which she is confronted with her world in the most amusing ways.

// `Dentity Crisis
A depressed girl, a crazy Mom, a lovely son, a strict father, an old grandad, a sexy psochologist and his even sexier wife, and last but not least, a french lover. All of them. In one house.
A play by Christpoher Durang that you don’t want to miss. We promise.

// Actors
Frank Peroni
Laura Brizuela
Edan Rowett
Stevie Wilson
Jacopo Garfagnoli
Benjamin Bishop
Freya Brodie
Julie Daidone