Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Jun 01



The Body Night Feat KOY, Jinka & Helen Fry

Saal presents Jylda – The body night feat KOY, I aime local & Jinka.

JYLDA presents her new release “The body” together with I aime local,KOY and Jinka.

JYLDA is the project of singer, songwriter, and producer Gianna Gehlhar. In her productions, she combines playful, experimental and minimalistic elements. Her vocals meander between sounding high and soft, sometimes operatic and siren-like on the one hand and keen and metallic on the other.


KOY is the solo project of Berlin-based composer and singer Victoria Trunova. Born in St. Petersburg and growing up in Germany, KOY has been moving between Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, and Bergen. KOY’s music moves between hard-hitting new wave beats, 80’s dream pop, 70’s movies and the sea and salt mixed with some November darkness and a burning heart. She defines her sound as an “Electronic Mermaid Witchcraft”.


Helen Fry is the musical project of a long time Berlin pop-scenester, Sarah Dudda and Rémi Letournelle (Slow Steve). The latter produced her first EP called ‘Future Light Cone’, including Juicy bass lines punch behind lamenting synths, creating a sea of harmonies from which Dudda’s angelic voice calls, luring us into the void. A mix of genres past and genres to come, Future Light Cone, which came out on April 7th under the labelMansions and Millions, is a cosmonaut orbiting celestially around our brain.


Jinka‘s sonic architecture is as eclectic as it can get, leaving you short of references. Her tunes could either be the latest import straight from space at your local vinyl store or the mangled soundscape of a masquerade in a 22nd-century castle. They
take hold of you like a psychoactive substance sharpening the cracked parts of your brain.

Giraffi Dog and Dj Hummer (from DOOM CHAKRA TAPES) are passionated DJ´s for many years and made themselves a name with several projects in the house and techno stratosphere.
They will complete this night at Marie-Antoinette.
Amen Brother.