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Jan 23
KosmoClub #4 - with Rae Spoon

KosmoClub #4 – with Rae Spoon



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Doors: 19.30
Entry: 7-10€

KosmoClub is back in 2019!

Rae Spoon
Rae Spoon’s bodiesofwater came out on the twentieth anniversary of the first show Spoon ever played, and ten years after the release of their break-out album superioryouareinferior. As a non-binary person, Rae is no stranger to having an identity that doesn’t fit societal and legal structures. Like bodies, water is regulated and increasingly commodified, despite being fundamental to life. On this, Spoon’s ninth album, they explore their common ground and connections with the ocean surrounding their Vancouver Island home. Rae will be accompanied by respectfulchild.

respectfulchild (敬兒) is the solo instrumental project of Gan from Saskatoon on Treaty 6 Territory. Their music is both “electronic” in nature while being acoustically created, building experimental ambient soundscapes through slow progressions of meticulous improvisation. With a sound that has been likened to artists such as Brian Eno, Nils Frahm, and Owen Pallett, the lone presence of respectfulchild is able to bring quiet to even the noisiest of rooms.
The name respectfulchild is the literal translation of Gan’s Mandarin name 敬兒[jìng er]. This name was given to Gan by their grandmother when they were born, a name and a culture they’ve become estranged from having lived their whole life in the predominantly white world of the Canadian Prairies. The music of respectfulchild is Gan’s quiet way of seeking meaning in 敬兒 again.
Respectful child will open with a solo set and will also accompany Rae Spoon.

Psycho & Plastic
‘Berlin’s currently finest psychedelic electronica act’ Psycho & Plastic are on a mission to reintroduce a sense of wonder and adventure to both the dance floor and the home listening experience. On the heels of releasing their debut album Kosmopop on their own label Give Us Your GOLD in late 2017 – and re-releasing it in Canada on Rae Spoon’s Coax Records in summer 2018– they expanded their touring activities as far as the Canadian West Coast.
They have obviously returned to host another KosmoClub and play their song-based set, rarely heard in Berlin.

KosmoClub is an irregular series of concerts and events for nonconformist music. Organised by Give Us Your GOLD, Psycho & Plastic‘s artisanal record label, KosmoClub takes pride in providing an extraordinary music experience on a week night.