Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Oct 07




Meta Nights proudly presents:

Dreamy concert with DREAM WIFE (IS/UK)

Dream Wife ooze with girl power; infecting the crowd with their trademark “poolside pop with a bite.” The music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, beats, cutting riffs and dreamy vocals. As a collaboration with a gang of art school friends the world of Dream Wife is brought to life with vibrant live shows, pastel mania and flying pompoms.

After show:
WHITE LIE (SE/DE) (Golden Mint Productions)

A feminstic statement here to play music and encourage awesome female’s to take space in the male dominated world of DJ’ing. Let this Berlin-based DJ from Sweden inspire you with a mix of old school, classics and female power tracks from the hiphop scene – taking baby steps into the world of funk, soul, house and even disco.



It started out as a fantasy… literally. Icelandic singer Rakel and British musicians Alice and Bella played their first show as part of a performance project at art school in Brighton. Stuck in dreams of 90’s club kid nostalgia they continue on making music, embracing their love for edgy pop. Dream Wife name David Lynch’s women as a big influence;”powerful and seriously fucked up”. They play with the aesthetics of the 1960’s ye-ye girls movement, along with current influences such as Sleigh Bells, Le Tigre and Grimes.

Their live performance and release of their first single ‘Believe’ earlier this summer Dream Wife starting gaining attention of music lovers; NME music magazine named them as ‘buzz band’ of the week in their June issue and both I-D Magazine and DIY praising them for their unique raw approach to pop music calling it a: ‘Bloodthirsty take on glam pop’. Alongside with playing shows in Europe this summer, they’ve been recording material for their first release with will be at the end of this year and also collaborating with exciting artists from both of their home countries, such as Icelandic electro duo Young Karin, female rap group ‘The Daughters of Reykjavik´ and praised visual artist from London, Maisie Cousins and Meg Lavender to name a few.