Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Apr 19
Music Festival curated by Urban Arts Berlin

Music Festival curated by Urban Arts Berlin


Konzert / 5-10€

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Doors: 20.00

Urban Arts Berlin proudly presents:


This festival is our response to a Berlin turning into Techno and clubbing with expensive places not affordable for local people with low income where the magic of our city is getting lost through gentrification.

DARK SHADOWS brings together some of the best local projects from Berlin. Expect a magic and powerful night.


AMOR – Experimental Soundtrack

Amor are Oberst Panizza and Nicolas Metall; they propose some
long-sighted trips for a post-sensitive world, playing the soundtracks of what could be the noise that the world makes when humans are not the superior species any more.

Improvised on patterns of two synths and other noises, the music of this project ought to be seen in the dark and lead to some other spaces.


ESPECTRA NEGRA – Ritualistic Noise

Espectra Negra is a very consequent project from Berlin which focuses on Industrial & Ritualistic Noise. She keeps the old industrial sound mixed with shamanic elements and sound art. This original combination has made her become of of the best industrial projects from Berlin.

Since 2015 the legendary Japanese label Lust Vessel invited her to become one of their creative residents of industrial noise. After “Alchemy & Death” out in tape format (Lust Vessel, 2016) she is now working on a concept for a new fresh album to be released by Instruments of Discipline, one of the best Berlin based labels.


LITHALSA – Queer Feminist Post Doom

Lithalsas occur when ice forms beneath the ground and lifts the earth above it. Lithalsa are F, J and V who live together and play metal. Lithalsa can be an ocean of possibilities or a black hole.



Bondage Berlin is an eerie chimera of punk and wave, created in late 2016 by crazy sound alchemists Saint Phoenix and Gasher. Using the enticing blinking of their music machines and the whale cries of an electric violin, they strive to make songs about themes that have been neglected or treated with too much seriousness, in a nihilistic but danceable way.



Life and nature evolved on many asymetric paths. The music of Echoic Memory says it exactly like that: there are waves we dream on and some others we can’t completely catch.

Through repetitive patterns of synths and beats that evolve like birds trapped in the mecanism of nature, she tells with her brand-new project about hidden tales lurking in the nights. Minimal wave meets humanity!


DJ LUNA VIOLENTA – Instruments of Discipline

Luna Violenta is an Italian DJ and music producer raised in US and Belgium, currently based in Berlin. She derives from New York underground minimal synth and cold wave scene, where she began to dj in 2011. Since then she has played in many cities across US and Europe and established her record label Instruments of Discipline. She is deeply engaged in noise, experimental and power electronics projects most of which she has released on both – cassettes and vinyls. Over a year ago she began to cooperate with August Skipper, focusing on powerful and innovative dark ambient and techno. This collaboration gave birth to an outstanding project OPERANT, which became one of the most recognizable new live acts in Europe.



Those with access to more resources pay more and those provide the cushion for those with less access to pay less. With this in mind, we have a sliding scale for the entrance fee: 5-10 Euro. Your financial support help us to make this festival happen!