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Sep 06
Berlin Beat Invasion Vol 1.

Berlin Beat Invasion Vol 1.


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There’s a new Garage & Beat & Psyche weekender in Berlin!

Berlin needs a 60s weekender, my friends said after the legendary Berlin Beat Explosion, beloved by many around the world, retired last year. With the Berlin Beat Invasion we would like to enrich the vibrant 60s music & dance scene with a new Beat & Psyche & Garage Weekender with live acts plus an international top DJs!

Thursday, sep 5th
Opening Party at Wiener Blut
Live: The No-Counts
Plus DJs!

Friday, Sep 6th
Los Malinches (ES)
The Mourning After (UK)
The Jack Cades (UK)

Saturday, Sep 7th
DAYTIME Event at Wowsville! Market with DJs!!! More info to come!

The Woggles (US)
Les Synapses (FR)
The Colour Collection (NL)

Plus international DJ Line up!!!! Details below!

1. Jack Cades
The Jack Cades have been compared to the Velvet Underground, the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Bands from the Teenage Shutdown compilations, and many more, which probably says one thing: they don’t fit in a box.
Mike and Elsa (well kwown from Missing Souls and Baron Four) Mole (Baron Four. Embrooks) and Alex have been playing in this new project together for less than a year, have released their first LP “Music for children” on Dirty Water Records and a 45 on Dangerhouse Skylab and are recording a new album in a couple of months. Their live performances are not to be missed!

Run Pauli Run

Music for children

2. Los Malinches
LOS MALINCHES „Pure 60s South American Nuggets“ (Bananas)
Latin-American Garage Psych from Spain! Los Malinches were founded in 2016 with the intention to revive the sound of “Nueva Ola”, Garage, Surf and “Psicodélico” as it was played in the late 60s by bands all over Latin America! Soon followed the first recording in purely analogue production, and several 45s appeared between others “Nunca”. Last year the Los Malinches released their first LP “En el Agua” on the legendary Lisbon garage label “Groovie Records”.
They purr and roar and serenade all in spanish language! Their lyrics speak of lack of love, psychedelic drugs, mythological animals, vagabinds, death and enjoying life as it happens they say. Enjoy the sound that Godess Pachamama put in their souls!

En el agua https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN5V97uCNJ4
Nunca https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8XDREvTa30

3. THE MOURNING AFTER – Garage-Fuzz-Explosion from North England!

The now legendary THE MOURNING AFTER started blasting out garage punk to audiences all over in 1987. After their debut gig in Sheffield they fuzzed with all the charting indie bands of the time…..Primal Scream, Spacemen 3 or My Bloody Valentine. THE MOURNING AFTER played a number of wild shows until 1999.

Then they disappeared in their caves and graves and nobody knows why but the day came they raised from their hidden tombs and “TALL, DARK & GRUESOME” came out on Screaming Apple Records presenting the world again fuzzed up Garage with a snotty attitude! Last year they released “THE TENTH CENTURY”, their masterpiece on Heavy Soul Records.

“Heavy Soul! Records is very excited, but slightly scared to welcome one of it’s favourite bands to the household”

You’re outta sight https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWLELIzzLRY
Space Rendezvous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A86ssuUIBEs
Get wrong off me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBoGq0k_ydQ

4. Colour Collection
Brandnew band from the Netherlands! The latest psychedelic beat sensation! Stay tuned for more! They are in the making of pictures and recordings! 1st gig in Germany!

5. LES SYNAPSES from Le Havre, Normandy! The ‘Frenchbeat Jetset’ is returning to Germany, this time with their first and brand new album in the bag!!! For more than 20 years LES SYNAPSES have made a name for themselves, mainly as an energetic live band. Extensive tours across Europe brought them to Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Even though the band’s main musical focus is French Freakbeat, they regard this sound as a global phenomenon and therefore like to embrace other languages as well. At their live shows they love to switch from their mother tongue to Spanish, Dutch, English and sometimes even German! Soundwise, LES SYNAPSES settle for turned-on lysergic madness combined with raw Garage-Fuzz that’ll lift you into psyched-out spheres! Expect a wild and ‘punkadelic’ performance by one of France’s hottest live acts!!!


Let’s freak out with the Full Force Garage Attack from the U.S.A.!

Fusing pure rock and soul from vintage sources into their own singular sound, the Woggles lay it down hard and loud but with majesty. Their beats and riffs are as strident as Manfred’s swagger and strut onstage. The Woggles sound is a contribution to early rock’n’roll and R’n’B to ’60s garage rock, british invasion, ’60s soul and forward.’

Having played in the past with Johnny Cash, Link Wray, The Zombies and nearly every garage rock group worth its salt, they are coming back again on tour to europe.

Listen to waiting for the rain!

Guitar – Graham Day
Vocals – The Professor Mighty Manfred
Drums – Dan Eletxro
Base – Buzz Hagstrom

DJ line up

EDGAR RAPOSO aka ‘MR GROOVIE’ – the man behind the Lisbon based label GROOVIE RECORDS. Alongside with that, Edgar is also an acclaimed expert of Portuguese and Brazilian 60’s/70’s rarities. He created compilations like the iconic ‘Brazilian Nuggets’ series and contributed to the compilations ‘Soul Braza’ and ‘Java Java – Indonesia Screaming Fuzz’.

Here are some of his personal faves:

Los Saltos – Mi Amor Por Ti
Gal Costa – Vapor Barato
Sandro – Atmosfera Pesada
Los Shains – Tirando Dedo
Pussy Cat – Aucune Fille Au Monde


Besides his very demanding activities in fronting LES SYNAPSES, Jérôme aka DANDYLION is also co-organiser of the MESS MY MIND 60s weekender in LE HAVRE and a colourful character within Europe’s Psych/Freakbeat community!
You’ll hear him spin some far out trans-world Psych and Garage tunes from the banks of the Seine up to the sources of the Amazon!!!

Here are some of his favorite spins:

Jacqueline Taieb – Le Coeur Au Bout Des Doigts
Le Macchie Rosse – Luca
Vanusa – Mundo Colorido
Pegasus – Fire
Edwin – Chien De Rue

Martin Hemmel (Munich) The Lord of fuzz!

I am really happy and honoured that Martin will spin his outstanding collection at my first festival in berlin!
I had the pleasure and pain to experience his soul captivating sets before and once you get caught there is no way out of his musical trip to the long lost depth of your soul! He makes you weep and creep for the best reason: you love his music that ranges from psychedelic garage with an oriental touch over crazy R’n’B and Freakbeat to arrive at some canadian teenbeat ballads!

His top spins
The Wee Four – Weird
Go Away – The Plague
M.G. & The Escorts – A Someday Fool
The Tigermen ‎– Tiger Girl
Damon – Poor Poor Genie
Gogo Girls
Day Event

FACE B aka Bastian is one of the hosts of the SHAKE APPEAL nighters in Cologne, an event series which is dedicated to exciting live acts from today’s 60s underground scene. Besides that, Face B is also proud member in the DJ Team of Hamburgs famous GARAGEVILLE WEEKEND and co-organizer of this year’s very first BERLIN BEAT INVASION. He also had the chance to spin records at other great places across Europe, e.g. the GO WILD! festival in Eindhoven, the TWO MEN FROM L.I.N.Z. weekender at the Rhine, the GARAGE INVASION tour in Sicily or the MESS MY MIND weekender in Le Havre. Musically, he settles mostly for primitive 60s garage & teen sounds, both moody and angry ones but also some excursions into psychedelic wIlderness here and there…

His top five spins
The Vaqueros – Growing Pains
The New Live – Ha Lese (Le Di Khanna)
The Shaynes – From My Window
Art Guy – Where You Gonna Go
Mooon – Mary You Wanna

Suzy Creamcheese is a vinyl vixen and disc-jockey-ette from Berlin, Germany where she hosts her very own Pleasure Seekers Club. Founderess of Berlin Beat Invasion.

Here are some of her favorite floor shakers that you can expect to hear for your dancing pleasure:

The Lynx – You lie
The Bad Roads – Blue Girl
The Pleasure Seekers – Never thought you’d leave me
The Fabs – That’s the bag I’m in
One Way Street – I see the light