Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
May 03




UNDERGROUND EUROPE is the first European record fair and swap exclusively focused on underground vinyl and it takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

Besides being a record swap, Underground Europe wants to create a community of independent vinyl enthusiasts and provide a place where once a year they can meet, exchange records, listen to music and chat about it. A place where they can get in touch with people who run record stores, mailorders, record labels, play in bands, or are just big underground vinyl fans.

What kind of music is considered to be “underground”? The kind of music that major labels consider uncommercial, that biggest radio station intentionally overlook, that mainstream magazines avoid covering. The music that doesn´t try to please or appeal or to be commercially viable. Not only music by bands like Fugazi, Cathedral, Toasters, Pennywise, Clock DVA, AmenRa or Agnostic Front, but also the music produced by DIY record labels ran out of the bedroom, with pressings that usually don´t exceed three digit numbers and label owners usually being 9-5 work slaves during the day turning record label honchos at night. This exciting whirlpool of music enthusiasts, broke musicians, bedroom studios, closet storage places and kitchen tables becoming working desks, is the home of Underground Europe and its entourage. That´s the kind of world you will enter during this two-day event.

Why Berlin? Not just because Berlin has always lived underground like no other place in the world. Even when politically and culturally isolated, Berlin had a thriving underground scene that attracted world´s attention. The cosmopolitan Berlin of today is at the forefront of underground scene and has long stolen the primate from London, too expensive and too trendy for budget record labels, DIY record stores and bands that prefer 1.20 € Augustiner at a spaeti to 4£ Guiness in a pub after the practice.

But attention! In a city where you can be pissed off because you want to see three bands playing three different venues on the same night, where new record stores keep opening despite the negative worldwide trend, where you leave the club so late that you run into your mom going to work in the morning (except that your mom probably lives in Italy, Greece, Turkey or Spain, not Berlin)… there is no underground vinyl fair? Well, now there is!

Those that never thought of replacing the crackling sound of the black plastic with the cold, digital sound of computer files, now can enhance their collections and mingle with like minded people surrounded by thousands of vinyl records brought into being by countless independent record labels worldwide.

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