Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Sep 29




Rizzo & The Members Club + friends

Strutting out of the studio after a summer of musical alchemy, Rizzo & The Members Club take to the stage once more.

With a bag full of new sonic delights for you to tuck into, the three-piece band are stacked with all the goods for a night that will be sure to dazzle.

RMC are ruthless, uncontrollable, and downright fucking good stuff. Join them at Marie-Antoinette on September 29th to witness the spectacle for yourselves.

Rizzo & The Members Club (Hip-Hop)

+ friends
Doors 7pm | FREE ENTRY| Marie-Antoinette @ S/U Jannowitzbrücke
Rizzo & The Members Club

Roaming around Berlin’s red-lit undergrowth, Rizzo and The Members Club venture tirelessly to further their avant-garde hip-hop. Equipped with Nick Fox’s bodacious bass, Dan Linke’s dastardly drums and the rambunctious Rizzo, this is one three-piece who make the most of their tools. With no clear comparison in sight, RMC embed a variety of influences into their sound ranging from heavy rock, grime, hip-hop & the alternative, culminating in a sound that’s hard to categorise other than straight up fresh and innovative. Expect crazy, expect twisted, and expect a flurry of don’t-give-a-fucks. Rizzo & The Members Club turn up.