Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
May 26

Here and Now – Vol. 1415926535



“Reality has always been bursting with entities whose brains are immersed in spacetime. We are at a crossroads of inseparability and dogma. Who are we? Where on the great journey will we be re-energized?”
The Shepherd circa Vol. 2329821T

Dearest travellers,

We must gather once again and embark on an evening adventure to hear stories. This time, it will be about you on your lives.

The Tarot (Tarot de Marseille) is one of the most used and respected cartomancy and divinatory art.

The major arcanas are a true well of wisdom and knowledge.
They represent our lives, our successes, our failures, our joys, our sorrows, our strengths and weaknesses.
Everything is written on these cards. A draw is never random.

We are going to provide you the chance to cease your own pencil for a night of inspirational thoughts delighted by music, dance and all other fine hearted things.

Don’t be afraid by your real self.


► 22:00 Elias
► 22:30 Bosiane Jalasko
► 00:00 Joe & C
► 00:30 Gui Zellermayer
► 02:00 BJ B2B GZ (till the end)

And last but no least, the fortune-teller Julia will be present. Guided by ancient forces, she is going to pick some of you up to read you the cards…

ENTRANCE / PRICE (Please support us at the entrance)

From 3€ – 9999999999€ + Special surprise at the entrance, for free.



Augustiner: 3.20€
Long drinks: 5€
Shots: 2€

A little nonsense transcends all wisdom.