Event and Party Location in the Heart of Berlin
Nov 17




Federico Dal Pozzo – Untitled_VNZ

“Untitled_VNZ” is an acousmatic concert dedicated to Venice and its sound. A sound that vibrates of water, stone, fire, metal, all ofwhich in a continuous movement of sensorial and mnemonic evolution. Time becomes water that collects reflexes of our hearing and later absorbing to design a story of echo in new notions of forms. An orchestrated composition from the city’s topology, a city that makes one think of music papers in a continuously played music: the scores come together like sea waves, the pentagram bars are canals with its numerous “legato” of bridges, of high churches windows, and let’s not forget the violins on the edge on the gondolas. Its Music is bigger than the orchestra, and there is no hand big enough to flip the score sheet. Entirely composed on concrete city sounds and processed in real-time via specific softwares, “Untitled_VNZ” is made up of 4 connected and continuous movements which evolves for a total of 45 minutes. A visual composition for the ears where, at the end of the acoustic trip, we are not the ones leaving Venice, but it is Venice that leaves our pupil and hearing.

Manoli Moriaty & Frances Kay – Symbiosis
Symbiosis is a collaborative performance engaging practitioners of discrete art forms within a technologically unifying context. Exploiting a diverse range of emerging and traditional technologies, performers operate within a feedback loop where sound and motion are continuously influencing one another. The performance aims to highlight the emergent properties of interdisciplinary interaction in reference to the biological phenomenon of symbiosis which describes close and persistent interspecies associations. As such, mutualistic and parasitic types of associations are translated as different modes of interaction facilitated by gestural recognition technologies and tactile devices. The resulting live work combines sound and motion not as distinct artistic practices complementing each other, but as an amalgamation of disciplines within an obligate interdependant system.

Bertrand Rossa – Mimicry
Mimicry is inspired by the eponymous painting cycle created by the Romanian artist Gabriela Stoica which explores the concept of mimesis, a similarity between the self and the other. Five songs ranging from the worlds of Rachmaninov and Prokofiev – revisited with an electronic key – to the most dusty distortion. A mimesis involving historical composers, natural and artificial sound-events to describe the self through the experience of the other.


Entry: 5 Euro